Pakachere has different kinds of facilities for overnight guests. Even when you are not sleeping at Pakachere, you are still welcome to use our facilities!

Bar & Restaurant

Our restaurant is only open on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. This is a temporary measure due to covid. In ‘normal’ times we are open 7 days per week when the bar usually stays open longer; it depends on the amount of guests what time the barman calls last orders. Currently we follow Malawian guidelines and our bar is closed.

You can take time to relax in our lounge area, chat with friends in one of our summer huts, read a book and have some food. Sometimes (but not now..) we dance until the early hours, we organise a pub quiz, and we have Paka Tuesdays with ‘informal’ yoga most weeks. Click for the restaurant menu. Please check our Facebook page to learn more about specials and events.

Laundry service

Pakachere offers a laundry service 7 days a week. Make sure you bring your laundry in the morning (before 11 am). Depending on the weather it will be ready by the end of the day! In rainy season it might take a little longer.

  • Half bag 2,000 MWK
  • Full bag 4,000 MWK

The ladies do all laundry by hand, so we appreciate your consideration what you give them to wash. The ladies have the right to refuse if the laundry is very dirty or ‘inappropriate’.  Thank you for understanding.

Shower & towel

Feeling sweaty after one of our trips? Just played squash at Gymkhana or cycled up the mountain? Or just need to freshen up? Our geysers will give you a nice hot shower (if we have power; we hope to get solar boilers in 2020). Please ask at the bar if you are not staying with us but want to use our showers.

  • Overnight guests: Free
  • Non-sleeping guest shower 500 MWK
  • Need a towel as well? Ask one at the bar! (add 500 MWK)
  • Towel for dorms, add 500 MWK


Pakachere has several big lockers where you can keep your luggage safe. We offer free locks, ask for one at the bar (K2,000 deposit). If the lockers are full, please ask the guys at the bar if you can store a bag behind the bar.

We recommend that people camping keep their valuables save inside the building; either at the bar or in a locker.


When possible, we offer  free Wifi for all residents who spend the night at Paka. We cannot guarantee it works!! Ask the password at the bar, and join our WiFi in the garden or the creative centre!

If there is no power and you need to go online urgently, you can ask about our mifi (mobile WiFi) and pay a little to get credit uploaded. The mifi can be rented for people who stay longer and want daily internet access. We recommend to buy a Malawian sim card to get 4G, as that is the most reliable way to get internet. Don’t hesitate to ask the owner to turn on their telephone hotspot if you quickly need to look up something or want to send some WhatsApp messages.