Pakachere has different kinds of facilities for sleeping guests. But even when you are not sleeping at Pakachere, you are still welcome to use all of our facilities!

Bar & Restaurant


Our bar and restaurant are open every day to every one. You can take all your time to relax with friends, read a book, have a drink & some good food. On clear nights, we might even start a  campfire in the garden!

Laundry service


Pakachere offers a laundryservice 7 days a week. Make sure you bring your laundry in morningtime (before 11 am). Depending on the weather it will be ready by the end of the day!


  • Half bag 700 MWK
  • Full bag 1400 MWk

Shower & towel


Feel sweaty after one of our trips? Or just need a refreshment? Our highpressure geyser will give you a nice hot shower.


  • Sleeping guest: For free
  • Non-sleeping guest shower 500 MWK
  • Need a towel as well? Ask one at the bar! (added 500 MWK)



Pakachere has several big lockers where you can keep your luggage safe, during trips or a day out in the field. We offer free locks, ask for one at the bar (1000 MWK deposit).

Free Wifi


Our free Wifi is open for everyone. Ask the password at the bar, and join our Wifi in the garden or the creative centre!