‘Welcome to Zomba’ trip

Meet Zomba in an interactive way, with a Malawian guide. On this trip, you start the day with a Chichewa lesson, so you’ll be prepared for the rest to come! Have a walk down the beautiful gardens, go to the market and find ingredients for your self-made dinner! Our chefs will help you make the local dish, nsima! On top of that, the guide will teach you how to play the original Bawo game.


It’s also possible to book these activities separate.


Groups: 5 – 14 people

Time: 09.30h Start Chichewa lesson at Pakachere


11.00h uur Start walking Botanical Gardens en Zomba city

13.30h uur Lunch at Sangalalani restaurant

14.30h uur Do shoppings at the local market

15.30h uur Cooking workshop at Pakachere kitchen

17.30h uur Self-made dinner

19.00h uur Bao game


Costs: 8.000 MWK per person

Zomba plateau trip

One thing not to miss in Zomba, is taking a walk on the plateau! Together with our experienced guide, you will discover the 2085 meter high mountain. He can tell you a lot about the flora & fauna, and knows all the nice hidden spots.


We offer 4 different trips:

Trip 1: Waterfalls (3 hours)

Trip 2: Queen’s & Emperor’s view & waterfalls (4 hours)

Departure from Pakachere by arrangement

Trip 3: Highest peak & Chingwe’s hall & Waterfalls & potato path (6 hours)

Trip 4: Highest peak & Chingwe’s hall & Potato village (potato path) & Waterfalls (8 hours)

Departure from Pakachere between 07.00/09.00 o’clock


1 person 24.000 (trips 1 & 2) or 30.000 MWK (trips 3 & 4)

2 persons 15.000 (trips 1 & 2) or 18.000 MWK (trips 3 & 4)

3 persons or more 12.000 (trips 1 & 2) or 15.000 MWK (trips 3 & 4)

(including lunch, 2 bottles of water & transport)

Historical city walk

Zomba, the previous  capital of Malawi, has a lot of interesting history. Stories you won’t usually hear on the streets. Our guide will show you the area and tell you about the past and present. You will get to know the real Zomba, with all of its political and cultural history. Pass the government’s house, the memorial arch, the old parliament building and visit Zomba’s political prison. 4-6 hours.


1 person 8.500 MWK

2 persons 7.500 MWK

3 persons or more 5.000 MWK

Chilema tree & Sand sculptures

Somewhere around Malosa, you will find the Chilema tree. A famous tree of its size and stories. Together with our guide, you will discover this deep part of the jungle, get to the three. Afterwards, you bring a visit to the special sand sculptures. There are mysterious stories about whether they were made by humans or by nature. 6 hours.


1 persons 24.000 MWK

2 persons 15.000 MWK

3 persons or more 12.000 MWK

(including lunch, 2 drinks & transport)

Ntonya Mountain (Vulcanic crater)

On a 20 minute drive from Zomba, you find Ntonya Mountain. Ntonya (which means ‘uneducated’) is the name of the village of Ntonya Mountain. Many Islamic people moved to Malawi and established a new village on top of the Volcanic crater. Inside the (non active) crater, you’ll find very fertile land and many crops and plants grow here. We will walk around the crater and the guide will tell you about the environment and history of this village. 5 hours.


1 persons 24.000 MWK

2 persons 14.000 MWK

3 persons or more 12.000 MWK

(including lunch, 2 drinks & transport)

Village trip

Visit an original Malawian village. Experience the village life, see how they make their living. Learn more casual things about the village life, such as pounding maize, cooking Thobwa (sweet beer), fetching water from the well, carrying wood. Visit a traditional doctor and see how he works. Visit local people at their house, they will tell more about their culture. Book in advance! 4 hours.


1 persons 30.000 MWK

2 persons 18.000 MWK

3 persons or more 12.000 MWK

(including lunch, 2 drinks & transport)

Fishing trip Trout and Bass

Like some relaxing time at the water? Our guide will take you on a fishing trip, on an idyllic spot on the mountain. In the fresh spring water, you will find Trout fish and Bass. The biggest chance of catching a fish is from June till October, but this trip can be booked all year!


1 persons 24.000 MWK

2 persons 15.000 MWK

3 persons or more 12.000 MWK

(including lunch, 2 drinks & transport)

Lake Chilwa Boat trip & walk island

Take a boat trip to Chisi island in lake Chilwa. You will sail in a manual boat, and the guide uses a long bamboo stick to take you to the other side. On the island, you walk through the village, the school and the other side of the island, where a lot of different types of birds can be spotted. For example Flamingo’s, Egrets & Hammerkops. If you’re lucky, you even find a hippo or a crocodile!


1 persons 30.000 MWK incl. local lunch 35.000

2 persons 17.000 MWK incl. local lunch 19.000

3 persons or more 15.000 MWK incl. local lunch 15.000

(including lunch, 2 drinks & transport)


Painting workshop

Painting workshops can be organised upon request in the Pakachere garden. Together with artist Blessings Sabiti, you will learn how to paint in African style. He will instruct you and guide you through the process of making a very nice piece of African art. And of course you can bring your result home!


Groups: 2 – 20 persons

Time : 9.00 – 12.00 or 13.00 – 16.00


10.000 MWK per person

Chichewa lesson

Want to learn a bit Chichewa? Our Chichewa teacher will teach you the basics!


Groups: 5 – 20 people

Time: 1,5 hours, by arrangement


4.000 MWK per person

Cooking class

Together with one of our cooks, you learn how to make a traditional Malawian dish, Nsima with relish!


Groups: 5 – 14 people

Time: 2 hours, by arrangement


5.000 MWK per person

Workshop traditional dancing

Have you experienced traditional Malawian dances yet? This is a nice and interactive way of getting to know the moves, and learn the dance yourself! Guaranteed fun!


Groups: 8 – 40 people

Time: 2,5 hours, by arrangement


5.000 MWK per person